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A 22 year-old Chicago native was charged with possession of narcotics after police officers raided a home he visited.  He was immediately arrested and taken into custody. After much research, we determined that our client was innocent of the charges before him.  Our client was at the wrong place at the wrong time. It then came time for us to prove his innocence. We worked diligently and efficiently in our preparation for his case. The outcome favored our client and he was freed. 


Recently, we went to trial on a case where the prosecution alleged that my client was guilty of residential burglary. They charged my client based on a very general description - black male, late teens to early twenties, wearing a pair of jeans and a dark colored hooded sweatshirt. The police arrested my client and another male based on that description. Of course, my client and his co-defendant were merely the first two people that the officers saw who "fit the description." After much preparation and work, we won the trial. Not Guilty!!!


A Chicago man was charged with Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol when he was stopped after leaving a football game party.  The defendant was driving on his way home when the arresting officer claimed he saw  the defendant commit a lane violation.  The defendant, when he saw the police lights behind him, promptly pulled into a strip mall parking lot.  The officers told the defendant that they smelled alcohol on his breath and asked him to take field sobriety tests.  The defendant informed the officers that he had an injury that prevented him from satisfactorily completing those tests.  The officers insisted that he perform the tests anyway.  Of course, the defendant failed.  As such, the officers charged the defendant with DUI. A finding of guilty would have jeopardized the defendant's career so Attorney Harris took the matter to trial.  At trial, Attorney Harris cross-examined the officers.  The officers admitted that the defendant made them aware of his injury and that they did not believe him and required him to take the tests anyway.  The defendant was found Not Guilty after Attorney Harris introduced the defendant's military medical records to prove that the defendant did indeed have the injury and that the injury, not alcohol impairment, caused the defendant to fail the field sobriety tests.

Attorney Jesse V. Harris filed a motion to suppress evidence and statements on behalf of a Kentucky-man accused of the Attempted First Degree Murder of a local man who was shot in the head in Kankakee County, Illinois.  If convicted of this offense, the accused could have been handed a sentence of life imprisonment.  In its motion the defense alleged that the prosecution should be barred from using videotaped interrogations of the defendant as well as state police video taken at the scene of the arrest.  In addition, the defense asked the judge to bar from trial the officers’ recollection of certain statements allegedly made by the defendant.    During the hearing on the motion the defense attorney cross-examined the arresting officers.  Attorney
Harris repeatedly pointed to what he deemed as “violations of his client’s constitutional rights” in the gathering of evidence.  After researching the issues pointed out at the hearing, the judge granted the defense’s motion and suppressed the videotaped statements as well as the officers’ interpretation of unrecorded statements allegedly made by the accused.  Subsequently, the Attempted First Degree Murder charges were dropped.


Jesse V. Harris represented an Englewood Community youth against charges that the young man had a weapon in
his possession with he was not authorized to do so.  Police reports stated that there was a fight in front of a house in the Englewood neighborhood.  The officers' report stated that when they arrived they observed the young man take the gun and stash the weapon on the front porch of the house. As a result of HLF's investigation, Attorney Harris was able to find witnesses who testified that the young man was not the person who had the weapon.  Furthermore, the police officers, surprised
that witnesses would show up to challenge their false statement, gave testimony that contradicted their original reports. 
The trial resulted in a Not Guilty verdict for the young man.

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