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Criminal  Defense Litigation

Often times a viable defense to a criminal charge is for the defense to move the court to suppress evidence and/or statements based on a violation of the constitutional rights of the accused.  In a motion to suppress, the defense argues that the search leading to the discovery of the evidence or statements linking the accused to the alleged crime was illegal. If the search is illegal, then the evidence and/or statements obtained during the search are inadmissible at trial.  This process ensures that proper evidence and statement gathering procedures are followed by law enforcement.  Further, it ensures that incredible or tainted evidence is not used to impute guilt upon the accused.      Additionally, criminal allegations that garner media interest pose a different set of concerns for the accused.  The public sentiment regarding the accused may be tainted by the media’s presentation of information whose accuracy and reliability have been unchallenged.  Basically, the livelihood and social interactions of the accused may be affected adversely if only one side of the story is disseminated by the
media.   At the Harris Law Firm we pride ourselves in litigating aggressively.  Attorney Harris has earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and police officers.  We have worked hard to earn a reputation as aggressive attorneys who are not afraid to challenge state and federal prosecutors on tough cases. We analyze each criminal allegation from many angles in preparing an effective defense.  Pre-trial motions and media involvement are only two of the many components that must be considered in the preparation of a winning defense.  Let the Harris Law Firm put their experience and insight into criminal law to work for you.

We will not rest until we have made every effort to resolve your case in the manner that is most favorable to you.