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Premises Liability

Premises liability far exceeds the slip-and-fall cases with which most people are commonly familiar.  In Illinois, the Premises Liability Act speaks of the landowner’s duty to take reasonable care of their premises, to avoid injury for any person legally on their property.  If injury should occur to a person legally on the property, then the landowner may be liable for those damages. These cases are not as simple as one may think.  In most cases these occurrences result in permanent injuries, which vary from extensive physical/mental damages to wrongful death. Premises liability also requires the fact that the property owner was previously made aware of the hazard which caused the damage(s).  

Here at the Harris Law Firm we have successfully tried cases and are prepared to represent any individual who sustains an injury from neglected hazards on properties of landlords, hospitals, construction sites, nursing homes, night clubs, property owners, department stores, grocery stores, and public facilities.  A landlord has a duty to take reasonable steps to provide a safe living space for his or her tenants.  That duty requires the landlord or property owner to take reasonable action to remove any known hazards. For example, a landlord may be required to fix a leaky roof if the leaks cause water to accumulate on stairs, smooth surfaces or any other place that could pose harm to someone lawfully on the premises.  Additionally, a landlord may be held liable for injuries sustained by a violent attach on the premises if the landlord had knowledge of previous violent acts and failed to implement
proper security procedures, etc.

Please contact Harris Law Firm if you believe you or a loved one has been injured by such neglect.