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Violent Crimes

If you have been  charged with a violent crime in Illinois, you are facing serious penalties if you are convicted of the charges against you. Moreover, many violent crimes are not eligible for diversion programs, expungment,
or even probation in lieu of incarceration. For these reasons, it is imperative that you focus your efforts early on avoiding a conviction by preparing an aggressive and solid defense.

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Illinois has one of the highest violent crime rate in the nation. As the name implies, a violent crime is any crime in which violence, or the threat of violence, is part of the crime. Even the perceived threat of violence can result in a violent crime charge, such as domestic assault.

Domestic assault and simple assault are the most common violent crimes, although we also see our share
of other violent crimes, such as robbery or homicide, in this jurisdiction.

The crime of domestic assault is primarily distinguished from simple assault by the relationship of the parties involved. Both crimes can be charged as either misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the circumstances.  If, for example, you hit a person with your fist, but cause no bodily injury, you can be charged with simple assault–a misdemeanor.  On the other hand, if you use a weapon to assault that person, or you cause serious bodily injury even without a weapon, you can be charged with a aggravated assault—a felony. If the victim of either of these acts is a spouse, girlfriend, or someone that you live with, these crimes would be classified as domestic assaults.

Penalties for Conviction of a Violent Crime in Illinois

Not surprisingly, the penalties for violent crimes are typically harsher than for non-violent crimes. In addition, certain aggravating factors can raise the potential penalties you face even more. Some common aggravating factors include:

Presence or use of a weapon
Discharging a firearm
Threatening to use a weapon
Causing injury or death to a victim
Causing harm to a child or an elderly victim
A previous conviction for a violent crime

Defenses to a Violent Crime
The goal in any criminal defense is to get the charges dismissed, reduced, or to win an acquittal at trial.  Obviously, a complete dismissal or acquittal is always difficult, but not impossible.  Even in the worst circumstances where you may not see any viable defense at all, Harris Law Firm can provide assistance that can result in dismissal, acquittal at
trial, or at least improve your situation by securing results like a reduced charge or reduced penalties.

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